Every op has two short name, e.g. KeyboardInput and a namespace, e.g. Ops.Devices.Keyboard.KeyboardInput.

The name will be presented to the user in the patch-view, the long version exists to group similar ops together. In the op-add-dialog (when pressing ESC in the patch-view) users can click on any part of the namespace to view all ops with that namespace.

Naming Conventions

All namespace-segments as well as the op name must be written in upper camel case, e.g. KeyboardInput, not keyboard_input or keyboardInput.

If your op uses an abbreviation, e.g. MIDI only the first character should be capitalized, so if you made a MIDI-input, a good name would be MidiInput.

Please note: Op-namespaces can not contain the full namespace of another op, e.g. if an op Ops.Devices.Keyboard exists,s you cannot put your newly created op in the namespace Ops.Devices.Keyboard.KeyboardInput.

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