Image Compositions

In this example we compose a new image / texture out of one image and some 2d effects.

Basic Setup

  • Image compose creates a new texture, the children ops of Image Compose apply 2D effects onto the texture
  • DrawImage applies an image
  • This example does not change the image at all, it is just a basic setup

Apply An Effect

  • To blur the image we add Blur to the end of the image composition chain
  • The image is now blurred, you can change the Blur parameters, or animate them

Add an Alpha Mask

  • DrawImage has a a slot called imageAlpha
  • Create a new texture op and connect it to the imageAlpha port of the drawImage op.
  • Select it and now click file in the main panel. Browse through the library until you find an image like this.

  • Using the AlphaSrc setting in the drawImage op you can select what defines the alpha / opacity value, in this case it's luminance of our alpha image.
  • If nothing happens try changing the AlphaSrc setting to alpha channel.

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