This is a set of rules that will help you to develop ops inside of cables.

All example files for new ops should be made public else they're not available to all users

Every op that draws/renders a mesh should have a geometry ouput
Every material op should output a shader
Every op that draws something should have a checkbox called "Render". Disabling this stops the shape appearing on screen.

Naming standards

ANY op with the name VALUE should be renamed to Number
ANY op with the name Boolean should become Bool
ANY op with the name Animation should become Anim
ANY op with the name Variable should become Var
ANY op related to a physicsbody gets the prefix body
ANY op which reports the info about a dataType should start with the word Info

Data conversion

If a data type is converted to another then both data names should be in the op name like ArrayToString or NumberToBool


Any op with a trigger in should have this as the first input port, it should also have a trigger out as well.
This avoids having to use too many sequence ops. If an op has a finished trigger when an action has been completed then this trigger port should always be to the right of the trigger out port.

Anim ops

Should have a boolean finished output port to show if the state is running or not.

Array ops

All array ops should output null if no array is connected or being processed.
Use inValueInt to look up the index of the array.

All arrays should make a copy of an array and not a reference.

var arrIn;
var newArray;
// This line below is a reference.This will modify the array in the op before this one. 
//Better to avoid doing this
newArray = arrIn ; 
//It's better to make a deep copy like this 
for(var i = 0 ; i < arrIn; i++)
  newArray[i] = arrIn[i];


Every op has two short name, e.g. KeyboardInput and a namespace, e.g. Ops.Devices.Keyboard.KeyboardInput.

The name will be presented to the user in the patch-view, the long version exists to group similar ops together.
In the op-add-dialog (when pressing ESC in the patch-view) users can click on any part of the namespace to view all ops with that namespace.

Op names cannot start with a number.

Naming Conventions

All namespace-segments as well as the op name must be written in upper camel case, e.g. KeyboardInput, not keyboard_input or keyboardInput.

If your op uses an abbreviation, e.g. MIDI only the first character should be capitalized, so if you made a MIDI-input, a good name would be MidiInput.

Please note: Op-namespaces can not contain the full namespace of another op, e.g. if an op Ops.Devices.Keyboard exists,s you cannot put your newly created op in the namespace Ops.Devices.Keyboard.KeyboardInput.

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