Working with files

You can drag files into the cables window to upload them. Image and Audio files do not need to be converted.

Possible file types:

Image/Video: .png, .jpg, .gif, .svg, .mp4, Audio: .ogg, .mp3, .m4a, .aac,.wav,

File Converters

cables automatically converts files into a more readable web format which can then be read by the ops.

To convert a file upload it, then click it in the file browser. on the right you can see information about this file the converters are listed.

automatic 3d file Format conversions:

.obj, .fbx, .dae files will be automatically converted to .3d.json

this is done using assimp2json


file ending: .pc.txt

export the pointcloud as .txt file from e.g. agisoft photoscan. Rename it to .pc.txt before uploading.

use with op Ops.Gl.Particles.PointCloudFile

SVG to mesh

file ending: .svg

convert an svg file to a 2d mesh

SVG path points

file ending: .svg

convert svg point array

CSV to json

file ending: .csv

convert csv to json

DAE line strips

file ending: .dae

extract paths/splines from .dar/collada files

MIDI to json

file ending: .mid

converts midi to json


Mesh sequence

file ending:

converts a sequence of obj files to a morphing animation


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