GUI/UI attributes

Group Ports

to bundle ports into groups and set a visual divider between them:


Hide port

To hide a port on a op but still have a UI element use the following code


Warnings and Errors

Ui attributes of an op can be set to give the user warnings and give visual feedback about things that may require their attention.
The following example will give an error in the OP UI and show a red circle if the value coming in is above 1.0

If the value is lower than 0 then the UI will show this message Button

//create a port for value input
const inVal  = op.inValueFloat ("Value in");
//create a port for value output
const outVal = op.outValue("value out");

//when inVal changes run this function
inVal.onChange = function()

    if(inVal.get() > 1.0)
        //this causes the op to show a red circle
        //and show "There's an error" in the op UI
        op.uiAttr({ error :"There's an error"});
        //clear the UI 
        op.uiAttr({ error : null });
    if(inVal.get() < 0.0)
        //if value in is below 0.0 the following message is displayed 
        //in the UI
        op.uiAttr({ warning :"There's a problem, value is below 0.0"});
        //clear the UI 
        op.uiAttr({ warning : null });

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