External triggers / functions

Triggering cables ops from outside

Sometimes you need to trigger a cables-port from outside cables, e.g. when you embed a cables-patch into a website.

Using the op Ops.Patch.Function you can define a function name which is visble from outside cables, just give it a name by setting the input-port Function Name, e.g. myFunction and you can trigger the op from your website’s JavaScript-code using CABLES.patch.config.myFunction();

If you need to pass a parameter, you can set a cables variable first (see Variables) and then trigger it.

Calling external functions

If you want to call an external JavaScript-function from inside cables you need to define it as a property of CABLES.patch.config.

Let’s create a function helloFromOutside():

In cables add the op Callback. Set its parameter Callback Name to helloFromOutside. Now connect a Mouse op to it so it gets triggered whenever the mouse was clicked (Mouse – click —> Callback - exe).

Export the project and open the index.html file in a text editor. Let’s define the function helloFromOutside right before the closing script tag:

        function showError(err) {

        document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function(event) {
            CABLES.patch=new CABLES.Patch({
                patchFile: 'js/Callback_Example_Patch.json',
                prefixAssetPath: '',
                glCanvasId: 'glcanvas',
                glCanvasResizeToWindow: true,
                onError: showError

            CABLES.patch.config.helloFromOutside = function(parameters) {
                console.log('cables called... hello!?');

Start a local webserver to serve the website and open it in your browser. Once you click the mouse on the canvas you should see cables called... hello!? inside the console.

If you pass any parameters with the Callback-op, these will be bundled as the parameters-array

Testing external functions

If you want to test the above callback without leaving cables you can define a test-function in the browser console:

Open the developer tools by pressing cmd + alt + i and enter:

gui.patch().scene.config.helloFromOutside = function() {
    console.log('cables called... hello!?');

Based on the example above you should now be able to click somewhere on the canvas and see cables called... hello!? printed in the console.

Summarising: Inside cables test-callbacks have to be defined as a property of gui.patch().scene.config, in your outside JavaScript-code they must be defined as a property of CABLES.patch.config .

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