Boolean ports

This page will explain how to create an input and output port of the type 'Boolean'
Click this link to see an example of all port types and code examples

A JavaScript Boolean represents one of two values: true or false

The following code snippet will create one input and output port of the type Boolean
The input will be passed out of the output port This will also create a checkbox which can be clicked

//strict mode allows us to write cleaner code
"use strict";

//Create a input port of the type Boolean
const inBoolean = op.inBool("Boolean in");

//Create a output port of the type value
const outBoolean = op.outBool("Boolean out");

//when input port changes call the function 'update'
inBoolean.onChange = update;

//this function runs every time the input port changes
function update()
    //set the ouput port to the value of the input port

Follow this link for more information on Callbacks

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