Dynamic Ports

Dynamic Ports accept various types.

inDynamic(name, filter)

inDynamic(name, filter, options)

inDynamic(name, filter, options, defaultValue)


  • name (String, required):
    • The name of the port, e.g. "My Dynamic Port"
  • filter (Array, required):
    • The types which should be accepted for linking, e.g. [OP_PORT_TYPE_VALUE,CABLES.OP_PORT_TYPE_OBJECT]
  • options (Object, optional):
    • The port-options, have a look at the other port-definitions to see what’s possible
    • E.g. {"display": "range"} (displays a range-slider when port is not linked)
  • defaultValue (Any type, optional):
    • The default value to be set, can be any type, e.g. 123


This is an op with one dynamic port which can be linked to a value or object port. If it is not linked it will display a range-slider. When the value on the dynamic port changes it will print the value to the developer console.

var dynPort = op.inDynamic(
  "My Dynamic Port", 
    "display": "range"

dynPort.onChange = function() {
    op.log("value changed: ", dynPort.get());

Follow this link for more information on Callbacks

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