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To reuse the circle and draw multiple instances of them you can use the Ops.Trigger.Repeat

Add it like this:

Now you still see one circle, but the num-parameter of Repeat-op has a value 5. The 5 circles are currently drawn at the exact same position. To change this, we need to use the Transform-op again:

  • Connect the outgoing index-port of Repeat to the x-port of the 2nd transform object.
  • Now there will be 5 circles, this is because the Repeat object outputs a number for each instance. In this case 1 to 5. Feeding this into the Transform x port moves each circle as far as it's index number.
  • You may have to insert a new Transform-op before the Repeat-op and adjust the position of them to see them all (use x/y/z transforms to center them)

It should now look like this:

You can add another Repeat-op to make a 2D array of circles like this:

With some more practice and adjustments it is possible to create a 3D cube of cubes. This example uses only two new ops: matCapMaterial and cube:

That’s it. You have finished the beginner tutorial series. Now you should have a look at the existing examples and public projects to learn more…

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