Beginner 1: Drawing A Circle

First, we need a project to work with, so press the New Project-button.

To draw a circle, we need two operators:

  1. The MainLoop-op
  2. A Circle-op

1.Add the WebGL-op

  • To create an operator press [esc] – the Select Operator-dialog shows up
  • Now type Main
  • The first entry in the list should be Ops.Gl.MainLoop
  • Press [enter] or click the + button to create the operator

2. Add The Circle Operator

  • To create a new operator and automatically connect it to another op you can pull the yellow output port on the left side with your mouse (drag it out of the operator and release your mouse button).

  • The Select Operator-dialog will appear
  • Type circle, now the entry Ops.Gl.Meshes.Circle should be selected
  • Press [enter] or click the + button to create it

Now it should look like this:

3. Parameters

  • The renderer canvas (on the right side) now shows a circle
  • The parameter panel shows all parameters to tweak the circle
  • Play around with the parameters, for example drag the slider innerradius

Part 2

Continue to Part 2 of the tutorial-series to learn how to use transformations.

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